Affiliate TOS Page

Please note the following;

  1. More supervision is concentrated on Fake IP addresses and if any is found, it would be blacklisted and not paid for.
  2. Affiliates earn GH¢0.05 per each unique click.
  3. No withdrawal below GH¢20.00.
  4. All affiliates need to follow Advert Family on social media and we will follow you back to check the progress/monitor what we post effectively and efficiently. Click here to follow all our social media accounts;
  5. People who do not follow our social media platforms would not be paid until they have done so.
  6. If you make a mistake signing up, contact our customer care. If duplicate accounts is detected, both would be deleted.
  7. Save Advert Family’s contact so we can monitor your status (Optional). 
  8. You are at liberty to advertise on any platform (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc) of your choice.
  9. Make sure to share companies product links else you will not be paid. When this happens, your account will show  as paid but you wont get any money fr the work done. E.g. Share links like not
  10. Do not self-click your referrer links or advise people to do so. When a referral link is clicked more than once, only one would be paid for.
  11. Do not force or persuade people to click on your link, if detected, you will be dismissed.
  12. Make sure the name you use for registration is the same name on your Mobile Money account.
  13. Affiliate accounts that are inactive for 30 days would be deleted.
  14. Always contact us if you do not understand anything.
  15. You can join our WhatsApp group for more updates.
  16. Advert Family reserves the right to dismiss any affiliate without notice if he/she goes contrary to our T&Cs.

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